Double Coin (Xinjiang) Kunlun Engineering Tire Co.

(Double Coin Xinjiang)


Uyghur Region Connection
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In 2014, Double Coin began operating a factory that had previously been a state-owned military manufacturing base to develop its Uyghur Region subsidiary, Double Coin (Xinjiang) Kunlun Engineering Tire Co., Ltd. The company also has a factory in Korla.

The Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps appears to have provided funding for the expansion of Double Coin’s factories in 2018 and 2019. Google Earth satellite imagery suggests that the factory approximately doubled in size during this period.
Forced Labor Evidence

Double Coin Xinjiang participated in the fanghuiju surveillance program through the company’s designated task force in a village of Maralbeshi, Kashgar. State media reports indicated that the Double Coin village task force was in the village to continuously “enhance grassroot organization, cohesion, and combat effectiveness.” The task force members teamed up with local officials to teach Chinese to the local people and train them in “rational thinking” through “daily meetings, monthly reviews, and seasonal evaluations.”

Double Coin Xinjiang set up corporate village “task forces” that conducted these invasive fanghuiju visits in six villages of Kashgar. A report from Huayi’s (Double Coin’s parent company) WeChat official account (which was also shared on Double Coin Group (Xinjiang) Kunlun Tire Co., Ltd.’s official website) claims that the company has continued its participation in fanghuiju programs even in the midst of the COVID pandemic in 2020.

In 2021, Double Coin Xinjiang won two awards for excellence in “poverty alleviation” and was named one of the 101 organizations recommended by the Office of the Leading Group for Poverty Alleviation and Development of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.

Double Coin Xinjiang’s involvement in labor transfers can be traced back to 2017, where the company held an “Ethnic Unity Makes a Family” (民族团结一家) symposium when it transferred 36 minoritized individuals into its factory from Keriya and Hotan. A 2018 work report of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Regional Emergency Management Office, reported that 30 people from Ilchi, Hotan had been transferred to Double Coin Xinjiang’s factories in Korla and Ürümchi, more than a thousand kilometers from their homes.

In 2018, Double Coin’s cadre leading the company’s Shanghai Aid Xinjiang program indicated that the company would participate in the "10,000 enterprises helping the villages" to find jobs for the people of the XUAR, and to provide programs that would encourage local people to “realize land appreciation, further change villagers' thinking and living habits, and jointly build beautiful villages” when he visited Kashgar, where Double Coin Tire’s task forces were placed. Then, in 2020, Double Coin’s factory in the Midong District of Ürümchi accepted another 47 surplus laborers from Kashgar and Hotan regions, most of them in their twenties. The workers were paired with fanghuiju “relatives” who are company employees tasked with teaching the transferred laborers about party policy, ethnic unity, the law, and Chinese language. The “relatives” are also supposed to convince the workers to stay at the factory. Double Coin’s official website news additionally reported that the company held a forum in May of 2020 for “Ethnic Unity” month, where (likely majority Han) workers “paired up” with the (almost exclusively Uyghur or other minoritized people) surplus laborers who are employed at the factory. The company’s rhetoric indicates that they intend to transform the minoritized individuals’ ideology and turn them from farmers into factory workers. In other words, the minoritized workers were not only transferred more than 1,500 km to Ürümchi to work at the factory, but also were under the constant surveillance of the fanghuiju program and “trained” by its employees not to leave their jobs.

Double Coin’s participation in the labor transfer program appears to be ongoing. The parent company’s 2021 annual report indicated that it had received a “southern Xinjiang labor subsidy” that year. A Double Coin press release about the company’s participation in labor transfers in November of 2021 indicated that there were 110 workers transferred from Maralbeshi working at the factory at that time.

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