Supply Chain

This network map identifies potential supply chain connections between the Uyghur Region-based companies and international automotive manufacturers and car parts distributors.This network map indicates risk of Uyghur Region sourcing, not certainty. We are unable to identify all sourcing from the Uyghur Region. This is a point-in-time analysis, and companies may shift their supply chains. This information is provided so that procurers and customers can identify and investigate risk. Full supply chain due diligence is required to ensure that all goods identified in this report are free of Uyghur forced labor.

Instructions for Use

Hover over any company to see its supply chain connections. Click on any company to see more information regarding sourcing and corporate relationships. The column headers indicate the tier of the supply chain in which the company operates, and the colors indicate the degree of exposure to the Uyghur Region or to Uyghur labour transfers. The lines connecting the companies indicate whether there is a supply relationship (solid line) or a parent or joint venture that might indicate a supply connection (dotted line). Companies in red are either operating in the Uyghur Region or have engaged in the transfer of Uyghur laborers.

Note: some companies operate across several tiers of the supply chain. In most cases, these companies are identified in the part of the supply chain that is most upstream. However, for parent companies of Uyghur Region subsidiaries, we have created a parent company tier to connect the subsidiaries’ production to potential downstream customers of the parent. Supporting evidence for this map can be found in the full report, “Driving Force: Automotive Supply Chains and Forced Labor in the Uyghur Region  


Operating in Uyghur Region; Accepted labor transfers outside Uyghur Region
Parent of Uyghur Region subsidiary
Sourcing directly from Uyghur Region; Sourcing from company accepting labor transfers outside Uyghur Region
Sourcing from parent of Uyghur Region subsidiary (high UR production)
Sourcing from parent of Uyghur Region subsidiary; Joint venture of parent of Uyghur Region subsidiary
Downstream of Uyghur Region sourcing
Supplying company operating in Uyghur Region
Parent/subsdiary or partner in joint venture