Xinjiang Shenhuo Coal and Electricity Co., Ltd.





Xinjiang Shenhuo is a subsidiary of Henan Shenhuo Group (神火集, also known as Sunho), a state-owned primary aluminum smelting enterprise. Its high-purity remelting ingots (used for alloying in the automotive and other industries) trade on the Shanghai Futures Exchange under the Registered Trademark Rugu (如固). The Uyghur-region subsidiary is Shenhuo’s “Xinjiang-aid enterprise,” and it encompasses three joint ventures, an aluminum smelter and power plant, and an anode manufacturing facility in Fukang Industrial Park, all situated near the massive Zhundong coal fields.

Nearly half of parent company Shenhuo’s aluminum (800,000t of its 1.7mt capacity) is produced in the Uyghur Region

Forced Labor Evidence

See Horizon Advisory, "Base Problem"

Xinjiang Shenhuo’s participation in labor transfers has continued since the publication of Horizon Advisory’s report. In Sanji (Ch: Changji) Prefecture’s publicity regarding the transfer of 47,800 laborers between January and April of 2022 (toward its goal of “achieving” a total of more than 136,000 labor transfers by the end of 2022), the government celebrated Shenhuo Coal and Electricity’s acceptance of the assigned laborers. This indicates that the state-sponsored labor transfer program is alive and well in Sanji and may have even accelerated in 2022.

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Henan Shenhuo Group

Nearly half of Shenhuo’s aluminum (800,000t of its 1.7mt capacity) is produced in the Uyghur Region

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