Akto County Kebang Manganese Co., Ltd.





Xinjiang Nonferrous’s subsidiary, Akto County Kebang Manganese Co., Ltd. (阿克陶科邦锰业制造有限)mines and processes the manganese necessary for the manufacture of EV batteries and other alloyed metal car parts.

Forced Labor Evidence

At the Kebang facility, many Uyghur people from a small village were assigned to work, including one man who admitted that he was reluctant to leave home for work because he was satisfied with his work and income and he had been tending several acres of land with his family before cadres arrived to do “ideological work” to convince him that he should “go out to work.” This kind of repeated indoctrination and visits from government agents leaves Uyghur people little choice but to leave behind their lives for work far from home for Xinjiang Nonferrous.

Subsidiary of
Xinjiang Nonferrous Metal Industry Co.
Company type
Uyghur Region connection
Operating in Uyghur Region