Shanghai Haojin Metal Materials Co.

(Shanghai Haojin Metal Materials)

Uyghur Region Connection
Sourcing directly from Uyghur Region

Electronic components, wires, cables

Buyer from
Xinjiang Nonferrous Metal Industry Co.
Company type
Uyghur Region connection
Operating in Uyghur Region
Supplier of
Bohai Automotive Systems

Shanghai Haojin Metal Materials Co. is a major supplier to Bohai Automotive Systems, according to Bohai’s corporate reporting. Bohai is China’s largest supplier of pistons and manufactures other auto parts as well. The company claims to be in a collaborative parts marketing network with some of China’s largest parts manufacturers that together “support international companies,” including some of the world’s most significant auto makers.

Company type
Parts manufacturer
Uyghur Region connection
Downstream of Uyghur Region sourcing