Xinjiang Nanshan Silk Road Business Co.

(Xinjiang Nanshan Silk Road)


Uyghur Region Connection
Operating in Uyghur Region

Trade, aluminum


A logistics firm of particular concern to global automakers is Xinjiang Nanshan Silk Road Business Service Co. (新疆南山丝路商务服务有限公), a subsidiary of Shandong Nanshan Aluminum Co. Ltd. founded in 2017. Xinjiang Nanshan Silk Road is “mainly engaged in the procurement and sales of related materials” but “is not engaged in the production and manufacture of aluminum and aluminum products,” a task “entrusted to other electrolytic aluminum enterprises in Xinjiang.”

Because Xinjiang Nanshan is connected to so many of the region's aluminum suppliers, the map of its supply connections display all of its corporate relationships, in an effort to unveil some of many companies that this logistics firm exposes to Uyghur Region inputs.


corporate registration

Subsidiary of
Shandong Nanshan Aluminum Co. Ltd.
Company type
Uyghur Region connection
Parent of Uyghur Region subsidiary